Playing “Crow’s Nest” at Clifftop.

It had been a long day at Clifftop as all the days were. All participants feverishly packing in as much experience into the days as we could. After a long day of playing tunes and socializing which had followed a late night of tunes, I was worn out and went back to my tent to find another session of young people gathered around my tent and playing hard and fast. It was either break up the session so I could go to sleep or join in. I joined. What a ride! We explored the depths of oldtime music. We ravaged innocent but coquettish tunes, and broke five fiddle strings in the process. The jam ended shortly after the sun rose.
I told the story of the Crow’s nest and the talented young people at the jam composed the tune for the title. The next morning, the Wild Turkey Ensemble performed the newly- born tune at the New Music Contest- at 9:AM. We didn’t win, but we had a lot of fun. Check out the tune and the video on YouTube.
Find the story of Crow’s Nest on the story page.

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